Full Service Warehousing and Distribution Center

Our warehouse is suitable for:

  • Commercial Goods
  • Registered "Processed Food Storage" Facility
  • Food (Non-Refrigerated)
  • Packaged Materials
  • Palletized Products
  • Imports Warehousing

Why Us

  • 50 years of Warehouse & Packaging Experience
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Over 100,000 production square feet in multiple locations
  • Product development services
  • Customer Satisfaction – Talk to real people not voicemail
  • Quality control trained workforce
  • Rush jobs are our speciality
  • Pride in knowing you are providing jobs and training for Americans with disabilities

Build Rehabilitation Industries is a warehouse and distribution services center offering cost effective warehousing solutions to all businesses around the country. 

With warehouse fulfillment and distribution services under one roof, handling of your products is efficient and minimized, saving you money.

When you need low cost warehousing and distribution, We have the SOLUTION!

If you’re running a business that handles a large quantity of merchandise or materials that must be maintained and moved regularly, good quality warehousing services could help your company run more smoothly. Before investing in things like packaging companies, and warehousing services, it’s important to understand how they work.

Continue on to read an overview of how typical warehouse functions and the different services that you can expect from top-tier companies today.
Distribution Center

How warehousing services work:

Warehousing services hold merchandise for your business at their location and send out the items as needed throughout the month. These companies handle taking orders, packing them up and shipping them out. They’re efficient and help make sure you don’t run into any problems with meeting customer demand. When you pay for warehousing services you are effectively hiring out your shipping demands so that you don’t have to worry about handling them yourself.

Running a warehouse can get expensive for a retail operation. This is why many companies are now relying on warehousing services. Investing in these services can bring you significant benefits, such as cutting down on labor, supply, and operating costs. Frankly, more business owners should look into the benefits of warehousing services.

Why Outsource Your Warehousing?

Fewer Property Costs

It costs serious money to own and operate a warehouse. Warehouses take up a great deal of space, and maintaining all of that space costs money in rent, utilities, and general operations issues, like maintenance and repairs!

Lower Labor Costs

Running a warehouse requires a large team of employees that can handle sorting, packing and shipping on any number of items. When you outsource contract packaging in, none of this is necessary anymore. Choose the right company and not only will the packing and shipping burden be lifted from your shoulders, but you will also save a ton of money in labor costs! Large-scale industrial warehouses employ the laborers for you.

Benefit from the Latest Technologies

It rarely makes sense for a smaller company to invest in the latest technology and equipment to handle warehouse operations. Fortunately, large-scale operations that specialize in warehousing and packaging can do it for you. When you work with a company like ours, one that does contract packaging, you get to benefit from the best technologies and equipment available. The cost-saving benefits of our efficiencies are then passed on to you, the business owner.

Many business owners may believe that it’s more expensive to outsource their packaging and warehousing services than just handling the services in-house, but that rarely is the case for small to mid-sized businesses.