Kitting and Display Assembly

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Kitting and assembly is very important in today’s competitive marketplace as all companies are looking to expand their brand. We can help with your design, kitting, and assembly needs and help create demand and entice buyers to purchase your products!

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Build Industries will help get your product ready for retail right on-site. We provide several kitting and assembly display services.

Build Industries excels in:

Gluing, stapling, taping
Inspection Kitting
Labeling and folding
Part segregation and sorting
Point of purchase (pop) display assembly and loading
Product revitalization
Reworking return goods
Subassembly complete assembly

Selling products in stores is more difficult than you might realize, and many businesses are making major mistakes when it comes to how their products are displayed. Either they are put into overpriced displays, or they are put into low quality displays that simply don’t represent the quality of the product. That’s why one of the best investments that you can make for your company’s product is to purchase a display assembly service that handles point of purchase displays. These services will help make sure that your product displays look stunning and that your company’s products stand out when positioned at the point of purchase around your area.

Why Hire a Specialized Point of Purchase Display Assembly Service?

Sure, it’s true that you could probably have an employee travel out to the point of purchase and put displays together for your company and make sure they are located where they should be in the store, but that’s not the best way to get the job done. Instead it makes sense to hire a display assembly service to do the work. These experts have the experience and the manpower to make sure displays are put up quickly and accurately. Each display will be put into the right position and assembled with precision so that they look professional and give your product a quality look. Without expert assembly you could end up with displays that fail, or even if the displays hold together, they just won’t look as nice as they would with that professional touch. Just like you should make use of packaging services in Los Angeles to get your products packaged well to help them sell, you also need to hire out experts for the displays to make sure that you are really making the impact that you want with your product in the end.

Professionals Make Advanced Displays More Worthwhile

Most companies today rely on basic displays or overly simplistic displays for their products because the advanced ones are overwhelming or too time-consuming to put into position. This is a practical approach to display selection, but it could be costing you business. You want your products to stand out as much as possible at the point of purchase. One way that you can ensure that happens is with unique displays. When you hire a display assembly service you can go with more advanced displays or more complicated displays. These experts have the skills to get the displays up accurately and quickly enough to leave you with a finished product that will impress customers. Without professional help, you’re limited to simple displays, but with the display assembly service you’ll have a more impressive finished result and will most likely sell more products as well.

There are plenty of companies out there today that offer display assembly service, point of purchase display design services and also packaging services in Los Angeles. Take your time to find a company that offers the right mix of services to make sure that you get the end result that you’re looking for. At Build Industries we have the staff and expertise to make sure each of your professional point of purchase displays is assembled properly and that it’s having the most effective impact on customers as well.
Many companies think that there work is over after they’ve developed and produced a high quality product, but they soon become overwhelmed when they realize how much work is involved with getting that product to the stores where it’s to be sold. That’s why it’s so beneficial to work with top quality kiting and assembly services that can smooth over the transition from factory to store aisle. The right services will help your company save money on this transition while helping you get your products to market faster and more easily as well.

Warehousing, Packing and Shipping

It’s a lot of work handling the logistics of products being sent all over the country and many companies simply don’t want to deal with that sort of thing. A top quality kitting warehouse service will hold onto products for a given location until they are ready to be put out at the final destination. When searching for kitting solutions to help make your products look their best on location, try to find a company that also offers warehousing solutions. These companies are the best to work with because products can be housed at the location and then sent out where they need to be from there. Kitting warehouse services make dealing with a kitting and assembly services company as beneficial and seamless as possible so that you can go back to planning out more products, testing them and worrying about the production cycle.

Kitting and Assembly

Getting a shipment of products from a factory warehouse to an actual store is a great deal of work, and it takes time to make sure they look good on the shelves as well. The right kitting and assembly services can ensure that your products don’t just arrive where they are needed, but that they are put onto high quality displays that will help them stand out in the best way possible. Hiring top notch kitting and assembly services to put up displays for your products will only improve your sales down the road and help you get your product to more locations at the same time. It’s a worthwhile investment and will offer value that you’ll have a hard time getting from most other services that you find today.

Enjoy More Efficient Operation

Businesses are best when they stick with tasks that they are experienced and specialized with. That’s why it makes sense to pay for kitting solutions rather than hiring a team to take care of the task in-house. Hiring an outside company will help you avoid all the hiring hassle, while helping you save money along the way as well. It’s the best investment that you can make when your company is overwhelmed by all the different products that need to be installed on location.

Stop worrying about how you are going to get out all your products around the country. Don’t even think about hiring employees at your company to handle this task, and stop worrying about buying company trucks to handle all the shipping needs. Instead focus on finding those top notch kitting and assembly services that will meet your needs. The right kitting solutions will make the task quick and easy and make sure that your products look great everywhere that they arrive.