Contract Packaging

Contract Packaging

Top Choice for Contract Packaging!

Choosing a great contract packaging company provides great advantages to the success of your product line when it hits the shelves. There are many packaging and warehousing services to choose from, however, picking the right one with the proper experience can make your investment go a lot further. You want your product to sell at first glance, so it’s important to choose an excellent company that specializes in your industry and needs. Choosing the right contract packaging company will push your business forward, not backward.

When you hire Build Rehabilitation Industries to fulfill your contract packaging needs, you ensure the reliable release of your products and have the opportunity to expand production in the most cost-effective and efficient way.


  • Shrink wrap, blister pack skin pack and die cut, bagging and heat sealing
  • Collation, bulk mailing and zip code sort
  • Monthly mailings, stuffing, and stamping
  • Sub-assembly or assembly of your entire job
  • Packaging and pallet displays for big box stores
  • Servicing the Beauty industry, Liquor industry with duo shrinking, assembling combo packs and clam shells, Corrugated industry with gluing, assembling displays or promo items
  • Serving the software and printing industries

Why Is Having the Right Contract Packaging Services Partner Important?

Product packaging is one of the most important investments that you can make for the products of your business. The right packaging will essentially sell your products for you, and it will go a long way to make your customers more satisfied as well. That’s exactly why it’s so important to invest in quality packaging services. Doing so will help you get better results in the end so that you can be happy with the way that your company is running. Hopefully, the packaging will improve your business, and it should bring with it several benefits that affect your company in notable ways.

To Streamline Product Processing

Investing in good packaging services is an excellent way to streamline your company and improve the way that you handle your products. Doing things like packaging products, assembling them, and preparing them for shipment in-house takes a considerable amount of time and effort and can really derail business operations. Quality packaging services help keep your business functioning smoothly at all times, and really reduce slowdowns that can hurt the performance of your company.

Keeping Products in Good Condition

Good product packaging or anywhere else in the world really is meant to protect products above all else. Sure it helps sell the products, but the packaging isn’t any good if the product can be damaged on its way to a customer. Good solid product packaging is essential for offering a high level of service to customers. The right provider will effectively package all your products so that they remain in good shape even when they are shipped and moved around before reaching their final destination.

To Make the Products More Desirable

A key benefit of good cosmetic packaging is to make products more desirable so that they sell more easily. When packaged with a nice outer wrapper, customers will be able to see the value in your company products more easily, and will also differentiate them from competitors hopefully.

Quality packaging should connect your company’s brand with the product, but also just make it look like a high-quality product that’s going to deliver on whatever it promises better than a competitor’s product. That’s always the goal of cosmetic packaging, and should be a key consideration when looking for the best packaging services.
Retail Packaging

Our services include:

Blister Packaging/

Clamshell Packaging:

  • Bagging – heat seal, staple, tape, etc.
  • Blister packaging, assembly, and sealing
  • Clamshell packaging, assembly, and sealing
  • Die-cutting
  • Shrink banding
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Skin packaging

Retail Packaging:

  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Gift and premium packaging
  • Poly bag packing with header
  • Poster rolling and labeling
  • Promotional packaging
  • Shrink wrap packaging
  • Warehouse club packaging

Assembly and Labeling Services!

Kit Assembly

  • Gluing, stapling, taping
  • Inspection
  • Kitting
  • Labeling and folding
  • Part segregation and sorting
  • Point of purchase (pop) display assembly and loading
  • Product revitalization
  • Reworking return goods
  • Subassembly complete assembly

Complete Warehouse and Distribution Services


  • Warehousing Services
  • Complete Receiving Services
  • Secure Product Storage
  • Order Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Complete Shipping Services
  • Secure Warehouse
  • Bonded and Insured

Overall the main function of a top quality packaging service is to improve the profitability of your company. Hiring the best packaging services will make your products more desirable looking, it will help keep the items safe during shipping and handling, and will ensure that your customers get exactly what they are looking for when they finally remove the wrapper and get to the product inside.

The right packaging services are invaluable to a modern-day business, which is exactly why it’s so important to invest in the best options that you have available as soon as you can. Once you’re working with the best in the industry, you’ll wonder why you ever went with another service at all.

There are many companies today that still doesn’t see the advantages of contract packaging; we’re here to explain the major benefits, and why it makes sense to make the investment.

More Efficient Packaging Processes

Packing items for companies take time, resources, and man-hours. It’s not something that everyone knows how to do properly, which is exactly why it’s best left up to contract packaging companies. The pros understand how to properly package items, and they’ll make sure that contract packaging occurs efficiently and as quickly as possible. This results in faster and cheaper operations, which is obviously good for business.

More Attractive Results

The highest quality companies come to realize that professional contract packaging services just do a better job cosmetically when it comes to packing. That’s because contract packaging companies in Los Angeles have the right tools, equipment, and experience to create the most attractive product possible. This will help the product sell more effectively and can only change your business for the better.

Conform to Industry Standards

Companies that offer packaging and warehousing services know the different regulations when it comes to packaging. When you work with these companies, you can rest assured that things are going to go your way. All the important considerations will have already been made, and you won’t have to worry about making changes to the items are already packaged. This minimizes waste and speeds up the entire operation, which will ultimately save you money.

More Centralized Shipping Location

Many companies today rely on contract packaging companies because they offer a more centralized shipping location than other options. This means that once packaged, the items will be ready to go to a variety of locations and can easily be passed on to the final destination.

The Potential for Scale-up

For a new and growing business, it can be very difficult to continue to meet manufacturing and packaging demands in-house. That’s why it makes the most sense to move the responsibility over to quality warehousing services. These large-scale operations can handle increased demands as they come in, turning a shaky business that’s struggling into a smooth operation with room to grow.

Building a business takes time, and getting packaging and warehousing tasks right is very difficult for new businesses. It’s often easier to invest in a professional service that has already mastered these aspects of running a business.