About Us

Build Rehabilitation Industries
Established in 1967, Build Rehabilitation Industries is driven by strong values of integrity, customer service and commitment to community. It is this 50 years experience working with over 1000 retail, small businesses and organizations that have made Build Industries a trusted partner for outsourced employment, packaging and warehousing needs all over the country.

Through our responsiveness and shared alliance with our clients’ goals and objectives, we’ve had the privilege of serving start-ups, established small businesses, local community organizations and global brands. Build Industries will tailor employment, contract packaging and warehousing solutions to fit any organization, no matter the size.

We take a personal approach with each of our business partners. We are deeply committed to ensure you receive the quality and affordable services your organization deserves. We handle your products and inventory with utmost care, our workforce is highly trained, and our facility is clean, secure, and climate-controlled.

contract packaging and warehousing solutions
With employment, warehousing, fulfillment and distribution services under one roof, handling of all of your project needs is maximized and efficient. By partnering with Build Industries, you will invest in a streamlined and cost effective supply chain model that will serve as an extension of your own business and workforce. It is this model that allows Build Industries to offer the most competitive outsourcing prices, period. There is no employment, contract packaging or warehouse service that can match our rates.

Build Rehabilitation Industries is also a nonprofit organization based in the San Fernando Valley, California. It's dedicated to providing opportunities for purposeful employment, greater independence and a better way of life for individuals with developmental delays or anyone with a barrier to employment. Through their various programs, Build has assisted more than 9,000 adults by offering vocational rehabilitation designed to help assess the individual’s interests and skills, then provide the training needed by the individual to achieve their highest potential and enhance their quality of life. Build Rehabilitation Industries is a reliable community partner and respected by care providers, Regional Center counselors, Department of Rehabilitation, members of the developmentally disabled and special needs communities, as well as their families.